• Financial soundness and quick payments to suppliers
  • No risky speculation on the trade in metals
  • Honourable contracts also under changing market conditions
  • Availability and on-site service with continuous hours

Company Tour


Rumet comes from an experience in the recovery of non-ferrous metals originated in the 70s. The entire Rumet Srl headquarters was confined to a building in via Monte Pasubio in Castenedolo (Brescia), and has gradually expanded to include today also all the adjacent depots with offices and two warehouses …


Rumet is one of the main operators in Italy for the trade of Copper and Brass, but we process several tonnes of non-ferrous metals such as steel, lead and other alloys on a daily basis.

Permissions and Certifications

The authorizations and certifications of authoritative bodies on Rumet’s work, they guarantee customers and suppliers absolute peace of mind and security, not only regarding compliance with current regulations but also in terms of the highest quality standards in the industry as well as respect for the environment.

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